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Is Excel For Mac Same As Windows

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Generally speaking, Excel versions for Mac and Windows are reasonably compatible. The table below summarizes the primary functional differences between the Mac and Windows editions of Excel. Mar 05, 2015 Excel now has the same Windows keyboard shortcuts Excel has some more significant changes. If you’re a Windows user that switches between Mac and PC, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Excel.

I am experiencing the same problem with my MacBook Pro (Excel 14.1.4, OS 10.7.3). I have same Excel (multiple license) on my iMac and it works fine. On MacBook all Excel files open when Excel is launched. Mar 11, 2009 In brief, Mac Excel can't handle all the type of Pivot Tables Windows Excel can. I believe Mac Excel lacks one or both of PowerBI and PowerPivot. I believe Mac Excel uses VBA 5.x while current Windows Excel is at VBA 7.x, so some things Macs can't do using VBA.

The paste special feature is undoubtedly a very useful option in Excel. It helps us control what we want to copy from the source and what we don't. I often refer to this option for various tasks, and here the shortcut of paste special in excel comes in handy.

Is Excel For Mac Same As Windows Operating System

Paste Special Shortcut in Windows

In windows, the keyboard shortcut for paste special is CTRL+Alt+V. Once you press this key combination, the paste special dialog box will open. Here you will many choices for pasting your data. Choices like All, Value, Format, etc. Each choice has a letter underlined that you can press on the keyboard to paste that property of copied cell/range.

Paste Special Shortcut in Mac

In mac, we use CTRL+COMMAND+V key combination to open the paste special dialog. To select an option from the list, we use the COMMAND+letter key in mac.

Let's have some examples to see the paste special shortcuts in action.

Remote access imac camera. Excel Paste Special Example

Here I have an excel table that is formatted and has formulas in it.

Now press the shortcut CTRL+ALT+V in windows to open the paste special shortcut. On Mac use the above mentioned shortcut.

I want to just paste the values. I hit the V key (V is underlined on Value option). The value option is selected. When I hit the Enter button, I get naked values. It does not have any formatting or formulas.

On Mac, we use the command+V key to select Value.

To paste just formatting, press the T key (T is underlined for Formats). It pastes the formatting of the copied range to the selected range.

Is excel for mac same as windows 10

On Mac, use the command+T key to select Value.

Similarly, we can do all of the tasks in using just the keyboard with the paste special shortcuts options.

Paste Special from non-Excel source

Many times we copy data from other sources, like the internet or any other application. In those cases, if you directly paste using CTRL+V, excel will most likely paste all the components of source like formatting, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. which is undesirable (in most cases). You would probably like to paste values only. In that case, you will use paste special. When using the paste special, here you will get only three options; HTML, Unicode Text, and Text.

Clover 5070. The default is an HTML option, which will paste everything you copied. Others are Unicode Text and Text (press T for selecting Text). These two options will paste plain text, that we desire most of the time.

The difference in Text and Unicode Text is that Unicode Text uses Unicode to convert ASCII values into text and symbols. The ASCII Text is useful when we work with multinational data or Mathematical and Scientific data.

The Sequential Shortcut For Paste Special

Convert mp4 to wav mac free. This one is old but I frequently use it. If you hit the keys ALT--> E-->S, one by one, it will open the Paste Special menu. This is an old command that was used in Excel 2003 but it is still compatible. Afterward, the process is the same.

Is Excel For Mac Same As Windows Xp

I hope it is helpful. If you have any Excel/VBA related query, ask it in the comments section below.

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I bought a MacBook Pro and installed Windows 7 with Boot Camp Assistant so I could access the “normal” Excel. This was important to me at the time because I was doing Excel development work in versions 2003, 2007 and 2010 on a Windows PC.

Excel in mac

I love my MacBook Pro, which I consider my computer of the future. It’s great for dealing with Photos, Movies, Music, and all of my iOS devices.

I purchased the Mac versions of Excel (2008 and 2011) but they seem like a mixture of the three Excel versions mentioned above, and can be very frustrating at times. There are a few things missing in the latest Excel Mac version, like the Name Manager and the Evaluate Formula dialog box, to name just two.

Despite these shortcomings, I’m seriously thinking about selling my desktop PC and going exclusively with the Mac. That’s the crossroads I’m at right now. Letting go of the PC, but keeping the Windows versions of Excel.

My Hangups

BootCamp allows me to run Windows, and the Excel versions I need, but is very restrictive in the sense that I have to shut down my Mac, then restart with BootCamp to run Windows 7. This is a real pain in the you-know-what.

There are other problems with running Windows on a Mac. For instance, I haven’t been able to get my Apple Magic Mouse to work with Windows 7. (Go figure.) And using Dropbox was the best way to get Excel files between Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Is Excel Free On Mac

My Saving Grace

Vidconvert 1 6 2 download free. All of those issues were solved when I purchased the Parallels Desktop software for Mac. Now I can switch to Windows without having to shut down Mac OS X Lion. That’s just plain awesome!

I’m still getting used to how Parallels works, but this software is easily worth the purchase price. And my Apple Magic Mouse, just works.

Parallels Desktop on my MacBook Pro

Excel For A Mac

Here’s a screen shot of the Parallels Desktop open on my MacBook Pro. You can see that I have Microsoft 2010 (Windows) open, but I want you to notice that I also have the Finder dialog box open.

I dragged the Card Size Lookup.xlsx file from Finder onto the Excel 2010 (Windows) program and it opened. I then made a change to the spreadsheet and saved it. The file was saved back on my Mac from whence it came. This is the miracle of modern technology.

I still have lots of testing to do but it looks like the Parallels Desktop has made my life much, much easier. I know now which way to turn at the crossroads.

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Is Excel For Mac Same As Windows
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