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How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac

While there are a number of great screenshot apps available for the Mac, there’s really no need to install a third-party app if you want to take simple screenshots of your Mac’s screen. In this “how to,” we’ll show you the keyboard combinations that allow you to take various types of screenshots of whatever is displayed on your Mac’s Desktop. (But, keep it clean, OK folks?)

  1. How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac Computer
  2. How To Capture Screenshot On A Mac
  3. How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Macbook
  4. How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac Windows 10

How To Take Screenshots Using the Mac Keyboard

Capture the Entire Screen

Figure F shows the main bar of the Screenshots app, where you can see (from left to right) options to Capture a full screen image, choose a window to capture, select an area to capture, record the. How to take a screenshot on Mac Press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard to bring up the screenshot toolbar. Click on one of the following: Capture Entire Screen, Capture Selected Windows, or Capture Selected Portion to capture exactly what you want. Selecting Capture Entire Screen will take a screenshot immediately unless you set a timer.

To capture the entire screen, edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner, simply press “Command + Shift + 3” as seen in the shot below. You’ll hear a camera shutter sound effect, and you will have captured an image of your Mac’s entire display, which is automatically saved to your Desktop.

Capture a Section of Your Mac’s Display

You can quickly take a screenshot of a selected portion of your Mac’s display by pressing “Command + Shift + 4” on your keyboard, as seen below. You’ll see your Mac’s mouse pointer turn into a crosshair, which shows the co-ordinates of the crosshair. Convert mp4 to wav mac free. (Move it around, you’ll see the numbers change. Entertaining, no?)

Now place the crosshair anywhere you wish on the screen and click and drag crosshair to select a section of the screen. Once you’ve selected everything you want to capture, lift your finger off of your mouse or trackpad. You’ll hear the shutter sound effect again, and the screenshot will be automatically saved to your machine’s Desktop. (You can press the ESC key to cancel the capture process before completing it.)

Capture a Window or App Screenshot

To capture just a particular app or other window on your display, press the “Command + Shift + 4” keyboard combo again, and then press the spacebar. Your mouse pointer will turn into a camera icon. Move the camera icon to whichever window you wish to capture. Click the window with your mouse, and a shot of the selected window will be captured and saved to your Mac’s Desktop. (You can press the ESC key to cancel the capture process before completing it.)

Capture a Screenshot and Save it to Your Mac’s Clipboard

https://bestqfile876.weebly.com/wolfram-mathematica-12-0-0-9.html. How to find out someones password on mac. By adding the Control key to any of the above keyboard combos, you’ll still capture the designated screenshot, but instead of being saved to your desktop, the shot is saved to your machine’s Clipboard, ready to be pasted into any document of your choosing.


  • Command + Control + Shift + 3 will copy a standard full-screen screenshot to the Clipboard
  • Command + Control + Shift + 4 will add a screenshot of a selected area to the Clipboard
  • Command + Control + Shift + 4 and then pressing the Spacebar and clicking on a window will add a screenshot of the window to the Clipboard

By using these easy to remember keyboard combinations, you can take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on your Mac’s monitor. No matter how disgusting that may be.

For more tips and tricks on how to make better use of your Mac, iOS device, Apple Watch, or Apple TV, be sure to visit the “How To” section of our website.

How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac Computer

If you ever need to take a screenshot in Windows whilst using Boot Camp on your Mac – and with the Apple supplied keyboard, you may find it difficult to perform this action. However, this scenario occurs more often than you might think. Today, we still see users requesting Google Search to help them with this task. For that reason, we updated this post to reflect the current state of events, keyboards, and practice.

“Print Screen” is a term used in the Windows environment to explain and give the ability for users to capture the content visible on the screen. Specifically, on Windows compatible keyboards, you will notice Print Screen is an actual button. Minecraft multiplayer for mac. On the Mac keyboards no button is assigned or labelled that way.

The good news is through a series of keystrokes you can perform the same function as Print Screen. On a Mac, you might hear the language of how to screen capture or how to screenshot.

Screenshot – Screen Capture – Print Screen in Windows on Mac

  • To capture the entire screen simply press Function (fn) + Shift + F11.
  • To capture the front most window press Option (alt) + Function (fn) + Shift + F11.

How To Capture Screenshot On A Mac

ScreenshotHow to do a selected screenshot on mac pro

How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Macbook

Abbyy finereader pro 12 1 1 download free. If you have your function keys mapped correctly in Windows you will be able to go without using the Function (fn) key. By default you will need to use it.


Where is the F11 Key located?

We have many people asking about the location of the F11 key. Please look closely – it’s the third key from the top right corner, represented by the “lower the volume” speaker icon.

How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac Windows 10

Where is the destination of the screen capture?

Once you hear the click sound when taking the screen capture, the copy of your image is in your virtual clipboard. In order to retrieve it, you can open an application (such as Paint or Word) and use the “Paste command” to see, alter, or modify this capture. Further, you can save as a file in a location of your choosing.

How To Do A Selected Screenshot On Mac
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